Nowadays people have come to prefer trendy bathroom make and most of them prefer rain shower head that sprinkle water down. There are several rainfall shower head that are available in the market.

Several showers models

The choice of the model of bathroom one may need depends on many factors which are: the taste of the owner, water consumption, the size of the bathroom, amount of money that one can use to make the bathroom, and the model of the shower to be installed. The shower head can be installed in the celling depending on the plumbing of the bathroom or others can be installed head high on the wall at an angle to allow water to flow easily. The shower heads depend on gravity or others are built with a technology of air injection.

Water consumption

Before anyone decides to install a shower head in his or her bathroom the first thing they consider is the amount of water that will be used during bathing. If the water used is too high then it is of good advice for one to go for the shower head that releases approximately 2.5 gallons of water per minute. These kind of shower head is a modified model that help in conserving water. It is important for one before installing a shower head to take analysis of the amount of water that is available in the reservoirs.

Size of the bathroom

The size of your bathroom is very important especially when you want to decide on the type of rain shower head you want to install in your bathroom. The rainfall may cover a bigger space depending on the kind of head you have. These helps a lot to avoid other places that do not need to be splashed with water not to be wet. It is not advisable to have a shower head that has a wide surface area that will give you headache with removing water from areas that were not supposed to be reached with water. See more.


The place on decide to put that shower head is very important because it is the position that will give someone that pleasure to have his or her bath in form of a shower. The right positioning enables one to maximize on the feelings and pleasures one gets when using a shower.


Actually most people, especially those ones who are starters in using showers should first get to know how the shower works and it is advisable they go for a smaller size shower head so that they are not overwhelmed by the amount of the rain drops they receive when using a bigger shower head. Using a bigger shower head is a process that one has to learn with time.

Water Pressure

Make sure you have the right water pressure from your pipes to your shower head, if you aren’t sure how to check you can follow guides on this site, it may require some modifications to your bathroom.

Shower holes

This is what makes known as shower because on how the water is let out regardless on the amount of pressure the water may have. The shower head should have correct made holes that will allow to get out in form of rain. More details in site: